Cheerful Snail Mail

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With today’s technology, we may not experience receiving handwritten letters and packages as often as in the past. These days, it’s quicker (and cheaper) to send a text message or email. But when I came across MentalHappy online, I knew that I wanted to send Cheerboxes to two friends who each deserved a pick-me-up.

MentalHappy’s Cheerboxes are just that: pick-me-ups sent via snail mail. They come with fun and simple ways to practice self-care for one’s inner self. Knowing that each of my two friends were experiencing change in their lives, I hoped that the Cheerboxes would remind them just how important they are to me. I wanted to show them I am rooting for them despite no longer living in the same cities as them. Both of these friends, who live several states away from me, received their packages in the mail later that week. I didn’t understand just how much of an impact a Cheerbox could have until I received one myself. My very own Cheerbox was delivered to me on Friday after a long week at work. Filled with anticipation, I acknowledged my own self-worth and opened up the box.

Everything in my Cheerbox was hand-picked for me. Each item in my box was a piece of my personality. As an avid reader and writer, I received an inspirational book, a journal and a gratitude jar, alongside a handful of other items and handwritten notes. It was as if the box knew exactly what I needed in that moment. And to be honest, as of late, I’ve been experiencing high levels of self-doubt. I’ve been doubting my chosen career path, my decision to live on the East coast, my overall emotional well being, and my faith in myself.

Every now and then, we doubt ourselves. We think we are not good enough. Maybe we feel like we do not deserve what we have. Some of us fall victim to impostor syndrome, or a feeling of “phoniness in people who believe that they are not intelligent, capable or creative.” According to the American Psychological Association, both men and women experience feelings of fraud. The pressure to achieve can have a great effect one’s self-worth. I’m not saying that receiving snail mail, like a Cheerbox, is a cure-all for trying times. But it is certainly one simple way to remind yourself that you’re worth it.

Do you or does someone you know deserve to be cheered up or cheered on? How do you show that person that they are worth it?

My reminders of self-worth and self-love.

Feel like sending yourself, or a friend, a Cheerbox? Visit MentalHappy now!


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  1. Susan A Harrington says:

    Love the Cheer Box idea!


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