In Loving Memory of Steven Enriquez

Four years ago, you absconded from our lives. I remember where I was when I received the news. I was in Williamsburg, VA, right off of campus of our alma mater. I received a phone call I wasn’t expecting. I shut the door to my room and stood in disbelief. It wasn’t until a little later that I learned that you passed away by suicide. Knowing that you weren’t surrounded by loved ones when you passed away breaks my heart. It continues to break our hearts everyday.

We think of you often, Steven. We remember your love as you welcomed each new family member to the Filipino American Student Association (FASA). We remember your poise and the way you carried yourself. We remember your impressive diction. We remember your carefully crafted lyrics – you were always such a talented lyricist. We remember your encouragement and motivation to excel while staying grounded.

You live on in our memory. I honor you today.


Ryann Tanap and Steven Enriquez, 2009
Steven and Cecilia performing in FASA’s Annual Culture Night, 2009 | Source: Cecilia Esteban
The 2008-2009 FASA Family | Source: Cecilia Esteban
We miss you, Steven!

In closing, I wanted to share one of our email exchanges from when I was a sophomore. You had already graduated from William & Mary, but you continued to guide me. For that, I am forever grateful.

from: Steven Enriquez
to: Ryann Tanap
date: Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 1:18 PM


That was a good conversation yesterday. FASA is lucky to have someone with your level of commitment. If I had to reiterate just one point, it would be that even as president you don’t have to tackle everything all the time. Sometimes you just gotta take time for yourself and let the chips fall where they may, or as my mom says, “Success is no fun if you give yourself an ulcer.”

Sometimes you just gotta contemplate the big picture.

And since I believe that all life should come with a soundtrack, here is my “Contemplative Song” by African pop artist Joan Armatrading. The visual is just the title sequence from the movie The Wild Geese, but you can ignore that, the song is the real deal.

So have a good day
Take in air by the lung
Won’t be long till the finish
For spring has now sprung


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