I was first confronted by serious mental health concerns in college. Once, a close friend of mine threatened to commit suicide and then disappeared for days. Another semester, my roommate’s best friend took her life. And during my senior year, one of my mentors and role models ended his life weeks before graduating from law school. The aftershocks of these events have haunted my peers and I. But they have also taught me that mental health and wellness is not to be taken lightly, and should be addressed with urgency.  

Though I have been involved in community service for most of my life, I’ve realized that I must use my experiences to help those around me in another way: by addressing mental health in whatever capacity possible. It requires motivation and drive to catalyze such a movement. I am 100% dedicated to this cause, and see it growing in the months and years to come.

Mental health affects everyone. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked in our society. Americans are taught to keep hardships to themselves, for more emphasis is placed on independence and success. To further understand this, I’ve chosen to learn more about how I can continue to help my community by expanding my outlook, while also contributing to the mental health movement.

I’m an activist and an advocate. I’m a voice for those who have not yet found the courage to speak up. I’m an optimist and I envision a society where mental fitness is viewed in the same light as physical fitness. I’m a writer, and this blog will help to shed light on mental health in our society.

As always, thanks for your love.
Ryann // “Mama Tanap”